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LISCHKA GmbH is a manufacturer of cleaning and disinfecting equipment and medical furniture. In order to provide better service around the world, Lischka GmbH established a production base in China. Since the founding of the company, we developed many relationships with area doctors, hospitals, rehabilitations centers, and nursing homes. The customers and patients enjoy and benefit from the personal and private attention from our products. The company offers a full product line of supplies such as transfer chairs, rollators, smart mattress, an +More+
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Lischka Bedpan Washer Disinfector will showed on CMEF (Oct 29 –Nov 1, 2017 Kunming Dianchi Convention Exhibition Center), welcom


Suzhou Lischka Medtech Co., Ltd.,

Address: Kunshan medical equipment high tech Industrial Park

Qiandeng Town Qu road Kunshan city Jiangsu province No. 999

G4 Building 2 floor

Tel: +86 51236692288

Fax: +86 51236693388

Email: information@lischka.cn